Albanian ICT Awards

ICTSmedia, the regions leader for ICT publishing and high level events has launched Albanian ICT Awards in 2011, with the aim of promoting the values of ICT and identify the best individuals and the successful heads of the Albanian ICT industry around the World. The ICT Awards will further have a positive effect on the development of ICT industry, for companies, organisations and individual initiatives & projects, on private and public sector and broader.

For the first time ever a unique awards concept has been launched, which exclusively awards the “individuals” for their engagement with the moto “The highest individual recognition”. ICT Awards doesn’t award companies or institutions. This concept has clearly pushed and supported individuals and innovators around the world towards new levels within their projects and in their businesses and/or institutions.


The event takes place every Year in Tirana, Albania and awards participants on seven individual categories which hereby are: ICT Innovation, ICT Mobility, ICT Academic, ICT Rising Star, ICT Diploma Thesis, ICT Female and ICT Public Service of the Year. Due to the high number of applicants and of their unique nature, in 2016, Albanian ICT Awards has awarded the price “ICT Researcher of the Year” for first time ever within the region.

Every Year, on the last Friday of April the Albanian National ICT Gala Night is being held and joined by more than 300 participants such as professionals, experts, professors and doctors, academics, entrepreneurs, decision makers and other representatives from the ICT sector in private and public institutions.

The second factor that makes this concept unique, is the jury consisting of independent founders and organisers, academics, professors, businessmen, CIO’s, IT specialists and successful entrepreneurs. Those jury members change each year and are selected by the organizer to give the them full authority for an independent evaluation of each application in ICT Awards.

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