ICTSmedia (ICTS), a publishing house for Innovation, Information Technology, Communication and Social media (ICTS), events and researches, based in Tirana has the online media, printing, and mobile as its prior activities, as it has important activities in researching, tracking and organizing of the different kind of events in the field of ICT.

ICTSmedia, active in the field of innovation, technology, information and communication, aims assisting the people, in order to  help them in proper use of technology, in a proper order and successfully.

ICTS Online Media
Online network of the company consists of various media online sites, information, communication, consumer technology, digital entertainment and various mobile activities.

Wide community present in online media, conversation, and mutual development, are the integral part of our company vision.

ICTSmedia events and conferences
The way of building the brand, company value and philosophy, in a market as it is today, presents a necessity in making the difference, inside the company, as well as in terms of service, presentation, and strategy in promoting of products and different services.